Samsung S8 Plus vs Iphone 7 Plus - Which is better?

Samsung is going to release its S8+ from 2nd May onwards and preorders have already begun. So what does it bring with itself over the previous S8 and how does it stand against IPhone 7+. To know that, let’s get into the core of S8+.

The upcoming Samsung S8+ is extremely stylish in design with its infinity bezel-less display of 6.2 inches having 84% screen to body ratio which is sure to live you mesmerized. Yes, S8+ uses almost entire front space for display. The size is bigger compared to S8 which has a display of 5.8 inches. It may be a bit difficult for the pockets to handle S8+ but Samsung has kept the screen width (73.4 mm) fine enough to be within the thumb's reach. Both these Samsung models beat IPhone 7+ which is only 5.5 inches in display and screen to body ratio of about only 68%. S8+ sports the Super Amoled display with pixel density of 529 ppi, slightly on lower side compared to S8 but still better than 401 ppi of IPhone 7+. IPhone 7+ has been designed with LED-backlit …

Music Player by Leopard V7 - Android app Review

Music Player app by Leopard V7 is a cool app with amazing features on Play Store. It gives you the option to change the theme of the app by changing the Skin at the left menu bar. You can also change the Button colours by the selecting Button option here. There are 18 background skins present in the free edition. More skins will be available once you purchase the paid edition 'Music Player Plus'.
The free edition has powerful 5 band equalizer along with Bass booster and Room Virtualizer. It also has Reverb settings for small, middle, large room/hall. You can select Pop, Rock, Jazz among 22 tone styles available. You can create your custom tone style as well by manually adjusting the equalizer.
This app beats other music apps with its feature of Scan Media which has the setting to ignore ringtone files or files less than 60 seconds, less than 50 Kb size. If you want to refresh yourself with songs only for 10 minutes and then get back to work without needing to switch off the so…